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Intelligent Judaism

At the Stash, we don't like labels.

We use Orthodox siddurim, and men and women sit together. Women receive aliyot and may read the Torah. The only label we really care for is "Intelligent Judaism", which exemplifies our approach to halachic Judaism.

At the Stashover, we learn the reasons behind the customs and commandments of our faith. We fervently believe that Judaism cannot survive through rote practice. It is vital that observance rest upon a foundation of knowledge and reflection.

Thus we strive to emphasize the ethical side of personal interactions derived from these customs and commandments.  Our learning is carried out in a nurturing, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, with participation by all ages. We share a desire for personal growth in Jewish knowledge, a practice valued by all.

To that end, we dedicate a few minutes of our Shabbat prayers for "Prayer Point" in which we learn some key ideas about some of the weekly prayers. That way, they remain fresh for us.  After a restorative Kiddush lunch we engage our minds in a lively interactive class to elicit ideas and understanding.

Come and join our community!


Service Times

Shabbat Mornings
9:00-9:30 Schmooze, coffee and rogelach
9:30-11:30 Shacharit
11:30-12:15 Kiddush luncheon, followed by Voices of Torah class

Sunday Mornings
9:00-9:45 Shacharit, followed by breakfast


Stashover-Slipia Congregation
11 Sultana Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6A 1S9  416 789-1333

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